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Teaching with Social Media

We’re now offering two self-study online courses that give you tools to start using social media in your courses.

Teaching with Wikipedia and Wikis in the Health Professions

Teaching with Twitter in the Health Professions

Unsure how social media can really be a useful tool on your courses? See below for a snapshot from the online course,

Back to the question, “Why use Twitter for teaching?”. Next to it being a cool tool, and possibly too cool for some of us older than 35, there are some features that we are looking for in social learning.

For one, Twitter use is an active statement. Once it is not just you, the instructor, tweeting, but your students, you will get contributions from those students that you may not have heard otherwise from. Using a medium they feel comfortable with and that allows to contribute without having to speak in front of the class, you may be surprised who is suddenly talking, or tweeting, that is. Case studies have shown that once some students tweet, others feel encouraged and join in. It just provides a different voice when you tweet, though not even remotely sounding like chirping, tweets are compelling in their brevity, when written well.


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