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Online Clinical Faculty Orientation

Clinical Faculty: a New Practice Role – online 6-week course

January 25 – March 4, 2016
Taught by Betsy Braun, MSN, RN, CPN, CNE

Teaching in a clinical setting can be daunting for new educators, but comprehensive orientation is often too challenging to schedule and implement.

Benefits to our 6 week course:

  • Flexible for faculty schedules: online and asynchronous
  • Facilitated by experienced clinical faculty
  • Interactive weekly online discussion with other clinical faculty members from around the country
  • 6 week time frame allows for ample review of content and discussion but is not overwhelming

“I really enjoyed the open forums and having the ability to discuss important topics with nurses from different backgrounds and experience levels.”

Modules include:

  • Role Development
  • Managing the Clinical Day
  • Clinical Instruction
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies
  • Simulation in Clinical Instruction
  • Evaluation
  • Academic Resources and Policies

11.3 contact hours

Learn more >>>


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