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Change or Transformation in 2016?

As 2016 quickly approaches many of us start to reflect on the past year. Did we meet our goals either professionally or personally? Maybe we’re asking ourselves what we’d like to do differently in the coming months.

At the 2015 Professional Nurse Educators Group (PNEG) Conference that we hosted in Indianapolis, IN, the keynote speaker, Dan Pesut, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN, spoke on creativity and innovation. One particularly powerful resource he shared with us was from Chris McGoff from The Clearing, Inc and his work on what he calls The Primes.

The Prime that Dr. Pesut shared with us during his talk was Change vs. Transformation.


One of our favorite quotes from Mr. McGoff’s video above is at the very end, “The butterfly is not a new, better, faster caterpillar. It is a new system.”

As you reflect on the previous year and ponder what you might achieve in the coming year, will you strive to change (your organization, team, attitude, or any other aspect of your life) or will you plan for the future with a clear vision towards transformation? changevtrans_detail

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!


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